Womens Committee Meeting Minutes 10th February 2021

Published on 19th February 2021 in Women's News




Wednesday 10th February 2021

Meeting Start @ 1:05pm


Present: Desiree Gardiner, Jacky Kohlmann, Annette Coote, Helen Newberry, Jo Jones, Lorna Hammond, Jane Anderson, Eleece Bambrick, Julie Rando, Fiona Tempra, Bev Francke, Patty Bow, Sally Brankin 

Apologies: N/A


  1. Minutes of previous meeting to be viewed as correct.
Moved by: Lorna Hammond

Seconded by: Eleece Bambrick

  1. Business arising from previous Meeting.
Will be discussed in General Business.  
  1. Board News


·         Ongoing dispute with residents over hole #3. A fence 10 metres from house boundary will be built.

·         Trialling of a 9-hole competition Thursday morning for men and women.

·         Rakes as is until next match meeting.

·         With the new 54 handicap you can now view players handicaps on timesheet. To help selecting who to play with especially Saturday with the mixed comp. Also working around a pickup rule during stroke.

·         Request from Peta Van Wyk for volunteers to walk and help the junior golfers on Sunday morning. Requested times volunteers are needed.

·         Recycling is much better, and money is being made.

·         Friday Twilight has now become an all-day competition.

·         There is a discount available for members dinner on Friday night and also for one visitor with a member.

  1. Captain’s Report


·         Summer report attached.




  1. Grounds Report


·         Wall on #10 looks like it is unstable, however it has been checked and is safe.

·         Hole # 3 Possible improvements: trench running on right side of fairway from bunker on to stop balls rolling off fairway: flatten out left side of fairway before big gum tree to make a flat landing area: acquire land from Harvey Shire to take men’s’ tee box across further.

  1. Saturday Convenors Report


·         Fixtures have been completed and sent to Peter and Jo.

·         Opening day 13 March will be a 4BBB with lunch.

  1. House Report



·         Need to make sure if Sally isn’t available that the beautifying products box is out for players.

·         Box needs replacing. Sally will check acquire.

  1. Reports Accepted
Moved by: Annette Coote

Seconded by: Helen Newberry

  1. Correspondence


9.1 Email: Libby with Open Day Flyer and Form

9.2 Email: Shani confirming sponsorship for both Opening Days

9.3 Email: Rhonda Parker SW Pennants 2021

9.4 Email: Mandi Willcocks Championship Medal

9.5 Email: Shani Response to changing Opening Day








Desi to reply to Mandi going in a different direction (see General Business)









Rhonda P.






9.6 Email: Shani sponsorship for Opening Days 2021

9.7 Phone Call (0417 405 635): Marg Terry (Perkins) – Sponsorship for              Bunbury Women’s Open Day

9.8 Email: Bunbury Mitsubishi – Silver Spoon Sponsorship

9.9 Email: Shani – Changed date for Opening Day











  1. General business

10.1 Championship Top 8 Recognition





Helen proposed that a golf towel with name, position and year be presented to the top 8 qualifiers. Seconded Annette. Carried.


Desi will approach Jane De Paoli to see if she is interested in making them and the cost.







10.2 Club Shirts



Shirts have arrived. Annette received all the orders had the logos put on, bagged according to payment, distributed today. Unpaid shirts and those not given out will be available in the shop. Extra shirts are available in the shop and these will be priced by the club. The pattern shirt will not be available once they have all sold. The blue ones will still be available in the future. Shirts can not be purchased by non-members.  Annette





10.3 Open Day – 23 April   ·         Catering to be volunteer based with Tanya involved. Obtain food from Farmer’s Market etc. Choice of quiche/chicken with salad

·         Sandwiches made by volunteers will be distributed at registration with a selection of fruit for lunch – soup not required.


·         Scones/sweet bun etc for pre-game will be donated.

·         Money raised on the day will be used for future events.

10.4 Vouchers Vouchers from local stores will be awarded as prizes throughout the season in conjunction with club prizes (suggestions: Farmer’s Market, Buckingham Meats, Pete’s Chop Shop, Coles/ Myer, Woolworths. Desi and Annette will purchase these. Desi
10.5 Tuesday 9 Hole Competition Jo will take to the Match committee that players should be in groups of 4 and competition should include later time slots. Also encourage any concerns to be taken to the ladies committee not the Pro Shop. Eleece
10:6 Pennants Ladies have been emailed asking to participate. Also, a form on the board in the ladies change room. Jacky will send the email to Jo as she has all the ladies’ emails, and some ladies didn’t receive the original email. 1 A Grade Team and 4 B Grade Teams Jacky
10:7 Pennants Lunches Jacky will investigate that a portion of the price for lunches be subsidised by the club and though fundraising by the women. Jacky
10:8 Pot of Gold will stay at 2 holes as should not be an amount greater than the winning prize. Will possibly look into being the same as Saturday NTP on #16 and Long Putt #9 – Match will consider Desi
10:9 Any written communication to members should be approved by the committee before being distributed Desi
10:10 Welcome to Fiona for stepping up for Marg and also welcome to Patty Desi
10:11 The return of rakes in the bunker will be reviewed again at the match meeting in March. The protection of the face of bunkers is a separate issue Jo
10:12 Bethany Weekend the prizes seemed to be very Gender based. It is therefore recommended that prizes for Major events not be gender based. Vouchers are quite acceptable. Fiona
10:13 ·         Member Nicholas Daniel (Jeweller) is interested in sponsoring a ladies day with a monetary donation.

·         Dragon Fly will recommence in Winter on #1 for Wednesday and Saturday. The money raised will go to sponsorship

10:14 Sponsorship of some of the big weekend events is rolling out to the men’s competitions on the Tuesday and Thursday prior to the main event but not to the women’s competition. Needs to be available to all. Helen
11 Meeting Closed at 2:35pm    
12 Next Meeting Wednesday 10 March    


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