Road Project Update – 26/10/2021

Published on 26th October 2021 in Members News



The continuation of wet weather has resulted in delays to this project. All going well local company Jetline will be installing the kerbing to the hill section of the driveway. This should be done during the week starting 1st November. This work will be done with a single lane left open for traffic to share.

Once the concrete kerbing has cured (About 7 days) the final surface repairs of the old surface will be undertaken and then will be followed by a complete 30 – 40 mm thick full width 6.5m wide asphalt overlay of the old and the new works to be delivered by Malatesta Paving.

The planned date for this important work is Monday the 8th of November and during the work this will require traffic to be diverted via the temporary emergency entry while the work is done. Staff will be onsite to direct traffic.

We are at the mercy the WEATHER and other commitments of our contractors to some extent. We need your patience and cooperation to drive carefully during these final couple of weeks, especially when our contractors and volunteers are engaged in works.

The final stages will involve more work to back fill the kerbing and some retaining on the south side near houses to remove the steep banks adjacent to houses.

Final trim, clean up and mulching of areas to be landscaped will then be implemented over the next weeks as our club volunteers have time.

Then finally in summer when the water table is low, the drainage on the golf course side of the road adjacent to Number 10 will complete the Project tasks.


This will reduce the damage to the road before sealing.



Dear Members,


Due to the recent wet weather the road sealing will be delayed until mid next week.


This will reduce the damage to the road before sealing.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


As members can see, the widening of our driveway is taking shape. The left-hand side widening has been constructed and primer sealed.

Currently Alan Grist and helpers are working on rebuilding the right-hand edge to achieve the full driveway width of the design. In addition, significant drainage works are also being undertaken to alleviate future problems of pavement failures due to moisture ingression into the pavement. This portion of work was outside the original scope of works but has been undertaken to protect the new works.

As previously advised the course will be closed next Monday and Tuesday (4th and 5th October) as the hill section will be completely rebuilt to its required width and crossfall in a single operation. The road closure will allow Bunbury Golf Club to achieve the economies of scale without local traffic interruptions.

It is anticipated that following this work, traffic will still be restricted in certain areas until all the widenings are primer sealed. This may cause some sections to still be single lane and when this work is in place, please adhere to the GIVE WAY sign and proceed cautiously. Remember traffic coming off Lucy Victoria Ave has right of way.

During the second week of October, kerbing will be laid on both sides of the hill section to ensure that any runoff water is directed onto the northern side and to improve the driveway aesthetics.

Once this is completed, we will be able to have Contractor’s supply and lay the final 40mm thick full width overlay asphalt surface to define the 6m wide carriageway. We anticipate (weather permitting) that final Asphalt works will be completed on a Monday towards the end of October.

A part of the project is to increase a few extra car parking bays opposite number 10 tee box as part of the project which will require additional assistance…. If you have some time available please contact me as we welcome your assistance with many tasks from on a shovel to traffic management and more.

I would like to thank all those volunteers who have helped out to this stage.

Warren Mezger

Special Projects Committee

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