Proposed Trial for Green #8

Published on 4th July 2022 in Course News, Members News



Not in every competition, but definitely in several larger competitions, we can have one group playing out on the #8 green, two to three groups waiting on the #8 Tee block and another group finishing the hole on #7 green.

Your Match Committee has discussed at length various options such as “call ups” but have decided to trial something new.


A new route to the #9 Tee has been prepared and marked with ROPES/BUNTING. This will move all traffic to the left of the #8 green which is a much shorter option than walking/driving back up to #9, and when ALL players have reached the safety of the new path, the next group can Tee off from #8.


How will it work??

  • Take your buggy/cart and park to the left of the Peppy tree near the bunker or park at the back of the bunker. This will enable you to walk off the green when done and travel the 30 metres to the new pathway.
  • Take your buggy/cart and travel to the right of the green, avoiding the wet/hollow ground near the green. Once your ball is on the green, you can then take your cart/buggy to the back of the green ready to travel to the new pathway.

3:      New signs will direct traffic at the green.

4:      Similarly, new signs will be provided at the #8 Tee box for both men and women.


Finally: We intend to trial this option for 3 to 4 months and will evaluate it during October. I am encouraged that this proposal can work and needs to be given a fair trial. For too long, we have had complaints about these backlogs. It’s time to trial something that should work.

Errol Hammond

BGC Club Captain


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