President’s Update

Published on 2nd December 2021 in Committee, Members News

Hello members,

It is with pleasure that I write this first ‘bulletin’ (for want of a better word) to you all. It is my intention to do this on a monthly basis as a means of you getting some insight into the priorities I and the Board are looking at, some of the challenges we will be facing as we move forward or even some of my own ‘thought bubbles’ as we progress through 2022 and approach the formulation of a new Development Plan as the old one reached its natural end date in 2023.

As many of you will know by reading the Annual Report and attending the AGM last Monday our Club is in an excellent position on numerous levels as we approach the end of 2021. I would like to thank departing President Geoff for his efforts on our behalf and also thank departing Board members Tami Mepham and Desi Gardiner for their services and dedication to our Club.

Thanks to the efforts of previous Board members, the dedication of our team of professional staff and the commitment of volunteers too numerous to mention our Club facilities are proving to be a source of solid income which will continue to act as a foundation for not only financing future projects and paying down debt but also assisting us in keeping our fees as low as possible into the future. We can all be proud of our Club and its rightful place as one of the leading regional golf facilities in this State or indeed anywhere in the Country.

I am pleased that Mark Thomas is staying on as Director of Finance, his collaborative approach with our GM Des supports the sound financial management of the Club and I am delighted to welcome to the Board Greg Trevaskis Vice President, Annette Coote as Women’s President and Mandi Willcocks as Director of Membership. It is also great to see the return of Bruce Clapp Director of Grounds and Eleece Bambrick House and Social. Last but not least I look forward to having Errol Hammond as our new Captain – teamed with Lorna Hammond as women’s Captain a ‘dynamic duo’ indeed!

We have an excellent Board with great depth of experience and knowledge across many different areas of our operations who will be able to support our GM going forward. Our long serving and tireless ex Captain Peter Martinson will remain an active member of the Match Committee where his experience and knowledge will still be of huge value to our Club and I am sure you all join me in thanking him for his dedication in one of the most demanding of Club roles.

The roles of Director in our Club have changed and will continue to change as they develop a collaborative approach with our team of professional staff. On that note and on my own behalf I welcome and commend to you Jodie Valli who has particular responsibilities in Membership and Marketing and with whom I am sure Mandi will develop a close working relationship. Ross Fisher our newly appointed ‘MasterChef’ in the kitchen is already impressive in his adaptability to the demands of the role so ably filled by Tanya Brennan. Welcome to you both. These two new team members already seem to have fitted in to our existing and dedicated team of Tanya B Events, Ross Kirby Bar and of course Craig Reynolds Pro Shop ably assisted by Sam Roberts.

Not to be outdone our Grounds team led by Grounds Superintendent Dave Brennan also welcomes two new part timers to replace recently retired Barry McGill. Be sure to look out for Mick Hancock and Chris Kenny as they commence duties and bring some welcome support to Dave’s hard working but thinly stretched team who work so hard to keep our course in top condition despite the thousands of rounds played every week.

Thank you to the many members who have offered their congratulations and support to me in the role of President. I and the Board will do the best we can in the best interests of our Club and the majority of members. I am happy to discuss with you your ideas for improvement or solutions to those things which you might see as being problematical in our Club however, please be mindful that when you see me at the Club in golf gear, I am here to play our wonderful game, not to engage in discussions about issues. I look forward to meeting with you over a coffee at a mutually convenient time where you will have my full attention. Your buy of course! 😊

Until then happy golfing and see you on our course!

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