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Published on 10th March 2022 in Committee, Uncategorised

Around the Club

As you read this the Club will have hosted another Leschenault Classic weekend which I am sure many of you will have played in. We are very fortunate to have the ongoing sponsorship of Terry Veale for this prestigious and long held event and I pass my thanks and those of our Board to him. Whilst Terry was unable to attend in person Brad Whelan was eloquent on his behalf and we look forward to future weekends in association with Terry.

The course presented magnificently which is a testament to Superintendent Dave and his team. Work will rapidly commence on the replacement of the second green and expansion of the red/white tee on the third hole. We will be replacing three greens in 2022 in an effort to catch up on our greens replacement program which is sadly behind due to Covid.

I would also like to thank our bar and catering staff for their efforts over the weekend. Our Club is establishing an enviable reputation for the quality of the meals produced and what better place is there in Bunbury than to sit on the deck watching the sunset.

Code of Conduct

The current membership at BGC across all categories is nudging 900 members with around 360 full members. We cover ages from less than 8 years of age to well over 80 years of age from a host of different backgrounds but with one thing in common – a love for the game of golf. Which in some cases is more of an obsession!

With such a diverse group of people and age ranges what is seen to be acceptable language and conduct on the Course varies markedly amongst members and this is why the Club established the ‘Code of Conduct’ to act as a central reference point and guide for what is acceptable.

As members all of us need to be mindful of our fellow members and to be respectful of their right to enjoy our Club, our Course and our facilities without feeling threatened, abused or offended by our individual behaviour.

It is part of the Board’s responsibility to monitor our standards which is why we respectfully remind all members of the ‘Code’, which I have appended below so you can read it if you haven’t done so before or have not read it for a while.

Aggressively throwing clubs every time you have a bad shot or constantly using loud offensive language such that you are heard across the Course reflects a breach of the Code. Nobody expects our membership to nominate for ‘sainthood’ but do please be mindful of your surrounds and of fellow members when playing or socialising at the Club. Thanking you in anticipation.

Bunbury Golf Club Code of Conduct

Members shall not conduct themselves on any golf course in a manner
considered by the Board of Management as unseemly.

Members will conduct themselves both ‘on-course’ and in the Clubhouse
in accordance with the code of conduct as follows:

Become familiar with and comply with the relevant regulations of the WA Golf.

  • Become familiar with and comply with the rules of the Constitution and the
    By- Laws of the Bunbury Golf Club.
  • Become familiar with and comply with the conditions of your membership
  • Promote the highest levels of sportsmanship and fair play and conduct yourself
    in a manner that is both honourable and in keeping with the spirit of fair play
    and sportsmanship.
  • At all times, play by the rules – the rules of the Club and the laws of the game
    of golf.
  • Observe the highest standard of behaviour on the course, in the Clubhouse, or
    whilst representing the Club at other venues.
  • Show respect to fellow Club members, the staff and Board and Committee
    members of the Club.
  • Comply with dress regulations as stated in the By-Laws of the Club.
  • Participate as much as possible in Club fund-raising activities.
  • Always act in the best interests of the Bunbury Golf Club.
  • Offer ‘constructive’ suggestions towards the improvement of procedures,
    facilities or amenities at BGC.
  • Not engage in any behaviour or activity that brings the Bunbury Golf Club into
  • Not demean, not offend other Club members on the basis of race, colour,
    religion or physical characteristics.
  • Comply with the Liquor Licensing Laws relating to responsible service of
    alcohol as applied to the Club under its license conditions.

In closing I wish you all happy golfing and look forward to seeing you around the Club during March.

Best Wishes

Rob Littlewood


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