MiScore Update Thursday 6th August 2020

Published on 2nd August 2020 in Latest News, Members News, Uncategorised

We’re updating the MiScore submission process

MiScore is changing! In a new update scheduled for Thursday 6th August, players will be better equipped to submit scores. This updated score submission process will only require the app user’s signature. Thus, avoiding contact between devices.
Please advise your members using the MiScore app of the upcoming change. Golf Clubs can still elect to use the playing partner score submission process. MiScore is a safe and contactless scoring option approved by Golf Australia.

1. Self-score submission
A player will sign to confirm their own score after their score has been confirmed verbally by their playing partner. Once signed, the player will press “Submit Agreed Score” to confirm their score.

2. Partner score submission
For clubs who are electing to continue with the app user submitting their playing partners’ scores. The app user will sign for their partner’s score after verbally agreeing on the score with their playing partner. The user will then tap “Submit Partner Score” to confirm their partner’s score.

For administrators managing the competition with MiClub Golf, the submission reference screen will be updated showing the MiScore app users’ signature and a reference label – “score checked by playing partner”.

Further development
Further MiScore development is underway to provide:
– Scoring support for swingers in dedicated four ball competitions.
-Foursomes competition scoring.
– Social scoring history interface within app.

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